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Title: Embra's Backstory
Post by: Heroine Of Inkopolis on August 23, 2018, 02:17:33 PM
Embra sighed. She had just spent another day fighting Octarians. As much as she enjoyed being Agent Fira and blasting fireballs, she was beginning to wonder if they would ever end this seemingly endless war. Were all the Octarians really evil? This question had been bugging her for days. Many people believed they were pure evil. But was that really the case? Or were some of them forced to fight for an unjust cause? Suddenly, her bracelet beeped. It was time for another mission. Reluctantly, she got up off the hot coals she was sitting on. Then Embra began to walk to the manhole that led to the HQ.


As she dodged an Inkjet blast from an Octoling, she was wondering why the Octarians would do whatever the Octogeneral told them to do. That's when she noticed that every single Octoling that she had faced wore a pair of high tech glasses. I wonder what would happen if I took them off? she wondered. As she plucked a pair of glasses off a male Octoling who was obviously too poor to get a cushier job than a regular battler, the angry look on his face instantly changed to one of bewilderment.

"Que?... Where's Cardigan?"

Embra realized that this was Nico, the older brother of Cardigan, an Octoling who had some how escaped the mind control the rest of the Octolings couldn't avoid. She immediately radioed back to HQ, "I've just freed Cardigan's older brother from the Octogeneral's control. Warping him back right now." With that, she put her regular warper bracelet on Nico,leaving her emergency one for herself, and activated it. Nico immediately disappeared in a flurry of pixelation.

Suddenly, the ground beneath her exploded. A delayed mine! The last thing she remembered was flying up toward some portal of some kind...
Title: Explanation of Embra's World
Post by: Heroine Of Inkopolis on March 02, 2019, 03:06:23 PM
If you haven't guessed already, Embra is from the world of the popular videogame Splatoon 2- but with a personal twist of mine. Now that the Great Zapfish is gone, the city has lost all of its electrical power, save an old generator that is used for news broadcasts. The robots that work almost every job have shut down, and since most Inklings have forgotten how to do things themselves(such as cooking homemade meals), it has caused an economical crisis, forcing Inkopolis citizens into poverty. And, weakened by that, they are near helpless to defend themselves from attempted Octarian invasions. But a small group of disguised Inklings(founded by Embra, her buddy Oceanus, and Marie of the Squid Sisters) called the Elemental Squad who teach others how to do things for themselves, have stopped the Octarians time and time again. Agent Fira- Embra's secret super identity- is the main battler, and has splatted every Octobomber she's ever come across. But now that she's been blown into the Nexus, how will the Elemental Squad fare without her?
Title: Re: Embra's Backstory
Post by: HeroineOfInkopolis-Reborn on January 02, 2020, 01:49:53 PM
UPDATE: I am creating a new backstory for Embra! I will post it soon!