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 on: March 09, 2017, 10:33:43 AM 
Started by HankSmith - Last post by HankSmith
Philcon is the oldest General Science Fiction Convention around, and takes place November 10-12 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill, NJ.  Philcon has a Gaming Area, a Dealer's Room, a Writer's Workshop, an Anime Room, an Art Show, a Masquerade, and more!!  Please see for more info.  Hope to see you there!! 

 on: February 12, 2017, 03:24:47 PM 
Started by Jed - Last post by Jed
Plan A is always to cash them in, but....Plan A doesn't work as often as it could.

 on: February 11, 2017, 03:05:56 PM 
Started by Dragontologist - Last post by Dragontologist
It's FINALLY ready!

This is the biggest, most diverse DREAMATION schedule ever, and we're SO impressed by all of our GMs.

Remember, in order to register for events, you must register for the convention.

If you're part of the team and you need a registration code, reach out to Avie at

Make sure to follow instructions - you'll email your name and the codes of the events you want to attend to

 on: February 09, 2017, 10:30:16 PM 
Started by WCA - Last post by dsamuels
Attached is the auction submission form for Dreamation, in word format

There is a 10 item limit per seller
Please check with Registration to find out what time you can drop your items off at Registration
Winning bidders may pick up their purchases starting at 12 noon on Sunday February 19
Cash/Unsold Merchandise may be picked up from the auction store starting at 4:00PM on Sunday February 19.

 on: February 09, 2017, 07:00:47 PM 
Started by Jed - Last post by Dragontologist
I'll see if we can have Vinny print up a handful of 10 pointers (or higher), but you might be better off cashing em in, instead! They should be available at Big Board.

 on: February 09, 2017, 06:49:08 PM 
Started by Dragontologist - Last post by Dragontologist
I'm very sorry, everyone. This schedule is being really hard for Vinny this year.

He has two choices:

1) Post it at 1PM tomorrow with 85% accuracy.
2) Post it at 3PM Saturday with 99% accuracy.

I think we all know what he chose.

The DREAMATION 2017 Complete Schedule will be posted at 3:00PM EST on Saturday, February 11.

 on: February 05, 2017, 06:35:07 PM 
Started by WCA - Last post by WCA
Could the Dreamation 2017 auction form be posted here, preferably as a Word document. Thank you.

 on: February 01, 2017, 01:58:14 PM 
Started by Douglaspaul - Last post by Douglaspaul
Greetings convention goers, Role Players, Larpers, Wargamers etc…

My name is Douglas and I am the lead developer for a new Gaming system that is being developed by DD Gaming “double d Gaming”.

Our company will be running three public game sessions of our new game system/module that we are in the process of developing “Death of a Nation” (see details below)

While we finish getting our website up and running you can check us out and follow us on Facebook.

In getting ready for Dreamation we will also be releasing several chapters from the yet unpublished Novels that our game system and world are based. The first novel “Fighting the Golden Dragon”, Chapter 1 has gone up and is available to download from Dropbox. Check back with us periodically over the next two weeks as we will be releasing a few more chapters for all to read and enjoy.

Our current plans are to release the novels in a combined Kickstarter between DD Gaming and the author in the next 9 to 12 months.

General Game Concepts:
Our goal is to give players the freedom and flexibility to build a truly one of a kind character and with that in mind the DD Gaming system has no classes or character levels. While we were at it we decided to do away with the traditional hit point and experience system all together. Instead, through the earning and spending of character points (cp), players are able to build their character as they desire. Every player is free to build their character the way they want subject only to the earned character points and your GMs interpretation of the game world/game system.

All player advancement is performed in game by earning and applying/spending character points to increase attributes and skills as well as to purchase advanced combat maneuvers and abilities. No longer is your character restricted to a level based system where characters develop in a preordained progression system at milestones as players level up. Players are encouraged to spend cp as it is earned.

In the DD system players can spend cp as they go to constantly improve their character as they see fit. Players can choose to have dozens of low rank skills, several average skills or one or two skills that they are ridiculously good at. Characters can be as diverse and unique as a player wants, or be so specific that they are only good at one or two things. The choice is yours to spend your cp anyway you desire!

Our Game Rules & Mechanics Intentions
While our first and foremost goal and intention is to create a tabletop RPG game system that allows players  the freedom to build truly unique characters as they see fit, our second goal is to create a comprehensive set of game rules and mechanics that more accurately imitate the real world. The intention of our rules are to provide players and GMs alike to explore the literary world of Perad as created by Susan Berryman.

That said, we ask our players to consider our intentions as the creators of the game system/world when interpreting game rules and mechanics. If your interpretation of a rule makes your character an unstoppable force unto him/herself than odds are you're reading the rule wrong. Our goal is to create a flexible and fair framework for players to create and role play one of a kind characters, while also creating a system that has a plethora of games mechanics to give game mechanic lawyers rules to master and exploit. We ask and encourage GMs and players alike to make a conscious decision of what type of game you are looking to play. A fun game or a game where you rule lawyer the other players into oblivion. The choice is yours. Just know that our intention is to foster character development instead of character min maxing. The ultimate choice of how you want to play the game is yours and yours alone. Make the right decision so that everyone has a good time, instead of ONLY you having a good time.

Details on the module

Death of a Nation

Fifteen years after the Great War that ended the Slave Masters control over the people. The now freed slaves that once made up the very life blood of a Once Might Nation of slaves are struggling to raise the first truly free generation. The Great War might be over, but the death toll was staggering and what's left of the populous are the mothers, crippled fathers, elderly, and children that were unfit to fight.

Our story takes place 16 years after the Great War as the first truly free generation after generations of slavery struggle to redefine what it is to be free as well as how to move forward.

Each player will be given the opportunity to choose from one of a few dozen pre made characters, choosing their character based on its profession or trade, to begin on a journey to safety as there quiet community is thrown into chaos in the middle of the night to flee from an unknown threat.

Game play will start with the players fleeing their village in the middle of the night with what little possessions they can carry based on some very real, very bad, very frightening news that came in from the sole lives no survivor from the closest village.

The players will start play knowing very little as they are forced to flee from this new threat, having only heard small snippets of the adults conversations.

"...there dead. All of them..."

"It happen so suddenly... just two nights was...horrible... there was so much blood..."

"After the screaming... I just ran for my life and never looked back..."

Game play will use a beta rules set that is awork in progress by a company called DD Gaming, or Double D Gaming. This system attempts to pave the way for a new era ofRPGs where there are no levels, no classes, and no hit-points.

Gameplay uses a combination of miniatures moving about on maps made of 1 inch squares, using various size dice pools to achieve successes, and action cards to help players manage their in game combat resources.

All materials, dice, cards, and character sheets will be provided as well as crash course introduction to our gaming system through gameplay. Players of all experience levels are welcome and encouraged to come ready for a truly unique game system that strives to provide players with a more immersive rules set than your typical d20 level based system.

We are hoping to give away thank you gift to one or more random players that participate in one or more of our sessions. Depending on attendance everyone might receive one.

 on: January 22, 2017, 07:21:22 AM 
Started by OneTrueIan - Last post by OneTrueIan
I need a place to sleep from the 15th to the 19th  for Dreamation 2017,since I'm most likely going to be working for my pass, I have enough to Pay for at least 50% of The price of the room, but the hotel is sold out and I don't have transportation so the overflow hotel would not work for me. if anyone is willing to So much as give me a Cot I will gladly pay that much.

 on: January 17, 2017, 03:49:39 PM 
Started by Jed - Last post by Jed
By any chance, could some higher value tickets be printed for Dreamation?  I'd like to cash in some of the lower ticket values I have for higher ones and almost every time I try, the highest numbers available are 5-point tickets (occasionally 10-point, but that's been rare).  Thanks.

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