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Author Topic: Home brewed rules  (Read 2668 times)

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Home brewed rules
« on: November 15, 2006, 12:26:40 PM »


Judge controlled special battlefield conditions
Cannot be countered by ordinary day

“That time of the month”
This Condition can be added to any event or played as an event in its own rite.

There are many ways to play this battlefield condition this is my favorite way.

At the beginning of each (players) turn, role a D6 for each female figure.
And apply the following results as needed

1 Lose all listed powers and Gain grounded
2 play as normal
3 figure gains Battle fury along with any other power for this turn
4 figure gains blades/ claws/ fangs along with any other power for this turn
5 figure gains flurry along with any other power for this turn
6 figure losses any attack or movement based power for this turn

Special note: Powers will stack, if some one already has blades/ claws /fangs they now role 2D6 for damage, flurry has 3 attacks.

“Hurricane winds”
All movement is reduced by two. 
All flyers are grounded.
Only transporters and giants can carry figures
Giants’ movement is not reduced by two.
All Ranged attacks that do damage or incap are reduced by 2

“Shrinking world crisis”
Place 4 markers on each corner of the map.
The tokes indicate the end of he world
Each turn following the second players the tokens are move one space in d

“Your map your game”
 Each player needs to bring a map of there own design.
All maps should be made on the blank side of the 24” x 36” maps.
You can draw paint or tape cut out pieces to make your map, as long as it does not move.

This event should be played as a max of 500pionts
Battlefield conditions allowed
Feat cards allowed
Special objects allowed.

“3D free for all map event”
This map will cover a 36” x 72” area.
Unrestricted event with a 1000 point build limit and 6 actions.
Players score points for each figure they kill.
If pushing causes death y lose the points if the dead figure from your victory points.
If you kill your own figure but succeed in killing an opponents fig, you take the points and do not lose your own point value.

No battlefield conditions
Feat cards allowed.
There will be 2 object tokens per player.
Special objects are allowed
The event will start when it does and run until 8:30
Players can enter at anytime during the first half hour.
Anthony 'Tiny" Acampora
Double Exposure VP & Convention Chairman
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