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Author Topic: Marvel Super Heros character creation rules Third Week  (Read 3133 times)

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Marvel Super Heros character creation rules Third Week
« on: February 02, 2007, 05:10:41 PM »

In the interest of some balance, of which this particular system is known to be horrible at, I have decided to implement a point buy system for character creation.

The points are based on Spider-Man total points, excluding Popularity.  In general you can buy one point of FASERIP and one point of a power at the same cost, with certain exceptions.  If a power states that is normally costs more than one power slot to acquire the power, the point cost will be multiplied by the number of slots required.

The point total given is: 459

You will received two free talents and four free contacts, to match Spider-Man.  Additional talents and/or contacts can be acquired for 5 points each.
Your character can have any origin you wish, however, due to the point buy system there will be more limitedl effects on character creation.

Mutant powers: All mutant powers must be related to a maximum of two themes.  In Marvel mutants tend to have "one" mutant power set, such as Wolverine.  His enhanced senses and healing factor are considered to be from the same basic mutation.  Also, like Wolverine, mutants can integrate technology into their powers, such as his claws.  In recent years Marvel introduced the concept of secondary mutations, which is why the White Queen has vast psychic powers and has the ability to turn into diamond, two entirely unrelated power sets.

Any race other than human, such as Asgardian, Kree or the like: Unless there is a very good explanation, your character should at least have the standard abilities of your race.  Skrull mutants who may not be able to shape shift but who possess other powers are one known exception.

The Ultimate powers book can be used but I will have to look over any character created using that resource before play, as I only have an online copy of the book.  It can be found, with all the rest of the rules at .



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Re: Marvel Super Heros character creation rules Third Week
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2007, 12:05:30 AM »

My character concept:
Name: Adept(Phillippa Sinclair)
Origin: Mutant
   Strength:   Typical       (6)
   Agility:      Excellent     (20)
   Strength:   Good          (10)
   Endurance:Excellent     (20)
   Reason:     Remarkable(30)
   Intuition:    Remarkable(30)
   Psyche:      Incredible   (40)
   Telepathy-Remarkable(30):Typical range, thanks to Magneto.
   Mental Probe-Remarkable(30)
   Mind Control*-Remarkable(30)
   Mind Blast-Incredible(40)
   Force Field-Remarkable(30)
   True Flight-Excellent(19)
   Teleport Self*-Excellent(20)
If I reduce my rank numbers to the minimums, I can add more powers like Psionic Detection, Precog, or Resist Mental.
   Occult Lore
   Moira MacTaggart
   Jarvis, Avengers
   *floating contact*(possibly Wong)
Attributes: 156
Powers:    298
Talents:         5
Total:        459
Hope this works for you.  Feel free to make comments or suggestions.
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