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Author Topic: Chronicles of the New Watchers at SOUTHERN EXPOSURE II!  (Read 3184 times)

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Chronicles of the New Watchers at SOUTHERN EXPOSURE II!
« on: September 13, 2005, 12:26:53 PM »

Hey guys!

I wanted to drop the schedule for 'Chronicles of the New Watchers' here so anyone interested could know quickly when the games are being run at SOUTHERN EXPOSURE II.

Also, if you are interested in creating a character, you can contact me directly at so we discuss what you would like to play.

Happy Slaying!

Kate Beaman-Martinez
Sword and Shield Studios


 8pm – 12 pm; ‘Activation: Node 212’

2pm – 6pm; ‘Activation: Node 212’
8pm – 12pm; ‘Under Pressure’ – A PREMIERE EVENT!

2pm – 6pm; ‘Under Pressure’

9am – 1pm; ‘Activation: Node 212’
2pm – 6pm; ‘Under Pressure’


Game Descriptions:

Episode 1.1 'Activation: Node 212' by Kate Beaman-Martinez

"Two days until the New York node goes online."
"Yes, I am aware."
"You know that's a tough town, right? I still don't think he's ready."
"We don't have a choice - if the translations on the scrolls are right, we need him there and we need him there now. He'll cope."
"I hope you're right, Giles. We can't afford to lose anybody else on the East Coast."

It's been two years since the literal fall of Sunnydale and a year almost to the day since the City of Angels was lost. This time the fight has moved to the big apple. There are demon slug things in the sewers, a fully operational branch of Wolfram & Hart, not to mention inner city gangs being infiltrated and manipulated by some naaaasty demons. This will be no cake walk.

Episode 1.2 'Under Pressure' by Kate Beaman-Martinez. A PREMIERE EVENT!

Day 1: Under house arrest. We can totally do this. We have cable, we have playstation. We are set to go BABY! Day 2: Doesn't matter that it's raining. We're inside and nowhere to go. Who wants to go anywhere in the rain? Day 3: Stupid PS2 hogging Slayer. Don't they teach sharing at Slayer School? Day 4: Casualties - one PS2. Died horribly in a Slayer-snit. One ping pong ball. Died horribly in a tantrum related incident. Day 5: Who knew that unlike college students, fish that eat out of boredom get sick and need to go to fishy heaven? If that hacker dude bounces through here one more time singing Queen, I might make him follow the way of the fish. Day 6: DEAR GOD, get me OUT OF HERE!
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