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Author Topic: Intelligent Design  (Read 12010 times)

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Re: Intelligent Design
« Reply #60 on: December 17, 2008, 09:03:56 AM »

Just a simple observation of the obvious flaw in the entropy counterarguement to evolution.  The second law is (to paraphrase) that entropy increases in a CLOSED SYSTEM (yes this is a gross simplification but the criitical point is the last two words).  Yes things become less organized in a closed system.  Now here's why that has nothing to do with evolution.  While the Universe may be a closed system our planet isn't.
I understand that this planet is not a closed system, and I also understand that evolutionist utilize the arguement because there is Solar Energy adding to the energy there, it allows for expansion of matter. The problem is that this trait to increase in complexity still tends to go against the natural way the Universe works. As we see with decay and other processes things still tend to move to a lesser state and processes become less efficient. Certainly it is not as simple as it was stated in the website, but ask yourself the question of how these things knew how to order themselves with a staggering amount of precision. Practically every mutation we have observed has been negative to the organism. Cancer, viruses, etc, are all negative to the functioning of the organism. The adaptations within species that are good are never radical changes, and there are usually losses to functionallity of other lesser needed traits. Macroevolution flies in the face of this. Most scientists will concede that the Earth and the Universe in general are moving towards a greater state of decay to the point where they both will someday be destroyed and move to a completely disordered state. Without some directing force, the amount of complexity that developed from such disorder is improbable to the point of what in any other science would be observable impossibility.
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