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Author Topic: How do I get it back?  (Read 4335 times)

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How do I get it back?
« on: July 01, 2013, 11:48:55 AM »

Does anyone know?
ONce upon a time,
I was strong healthy and fearless.
There was nothing I could not do.
I thought myself peerless
Nothing would phase me.
I jumped from airplanes for fun.
Nothing would daze me.
I could enjoy a five mile run.
Some said I was crazy.
I believed that my dying words, as I skidded broken and battered to my grave would be "Damn!! that was fun!!"

But now I find my strength is gone.
And away with it, my faith has gone.
Around my friends, a strong facade
But down inside, its  only a fraud
Is trust betrayed the cause of it all?
A friend turned foe that triggered the fall?
Now around every corner is uncertainty
And always the question "how could this be me?"
Alone in the world is most how I feel
Even surrounded by friends that I know are real
Where did it go, this faith that I had?
This feeling of strength
and overcoming the bad.

Please be kind about the horrible attempt at poetry. 
I'm not really as scary as some people think I am. (re something Julie said to me at reg one night)

Having seen a video (Thanks dave and CAH) I now understand why she said that.
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