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Author Topic: illuminarchy Press' Pre-Release Lore Building  (Read 1084 times)

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illuminarchy Press' Pre-Release Lore Building
« on: March 30, 2014, 02:37:05 PM »

Dear Gamers, and other friends,

Illuminarchy Press is winding down its pre-release playtests, and after 1000's of Days of "Lore-building" we are looking for some fresh input through running lore-building events in the way of on-line whiteboard space with a skype or other face to face input.  The characters primary decisions and possibly their after-effects with alter the game worlds forever.  Want the chance to have YOUR character and their choices built into world lore forever.  Seats for Playtest sessions, and alternates are limited.  If you want to see your character's name written into a game book as part of lore.  If you want your character's "artifacts" to have power beyond the scope of their meager existence (geologically that is).  Then feel free to contact me  Michael Conway at  In the subject place the name of the game (listed below) you are interested in helping the lore in.

Anarchist's Prayerbook:  All hail the CyberPope and his blessed significance in bringing peace, and order to God's People...  ::Message Interupted:: Calling all those willing to see the keys to their bonds.  Throw off the shackles of your oppressors.  Rise up and help us save humanity from their own blissful destruction.  Join the ResIsTance... ::Resuming Message:: for the slaying of countless Citizens we hold the varied "Terror Cells" to judgement by God, and the blessed Inquisition.  May the pyres burn with the hatred of our enemies.

Dark Urth - Age of Heroes:  Villages have ceased to exist, the world rages insane with the fires of war.  A war of vengeance and hatred.  An ancient, long thought vanquished evil has arisen to strike fear, horror, abomination, and death to all the collective races of humaniti.  Will you rise from your humble beginnings to become a needed hero?  The rallying calls have gone out from Hammerscreed and the eight corners of the world will you rise to become what is needed in this world...  in this Age of Heroes? 

Spaceways - The Merchant's War:  Humanity has stretched out from is backwater world... Earth.  Nobody was ready for the conflicts that would arise, social, ethical, moral, economic.  War is active throughout the Cosmos.  Are you the Merchant? Scoundrel? War-profiteer? Mercenary? Soldier? Explorer?  Will you survive the blessings, and tragedies of the Merchant's War?

Shattered Earth - Chronicles of the T.T.A.:  War is always the same, it is chronicled by the survivors.  In August 22, 2264 time travel is invented...  six days later Nuclear Hell Rained down on all of humanity, who started it doesn't matter, who won doesn't matter.  Humanity's monuments and scholarly achievements have been all but scoured from the earth.  A monumental meteoric strike some 60 or so years later, and most of the remnants of human society were buried under 100's of feet of soot, ash, and ICE.  As a small group of survivors you have come across a Time Travelling Device it cannot transport much, but maybe you can find lost keys to humanity's past, and maybe a few that will unlock the future... Now how does this thing work?  ::What does this button do? [click]::
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