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Author Topic: The Monmouth R.P.S. needs GM's  (Read 3021 times)

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The Monmouth R.P.S. needs GM's
« on: April 02, 2012, 12:37:17 AM »

Oh hey, I keep forgetting about this board.  ;D

Hello, my name is John, and I'm the admin-thing at the Role Playing Society of Monmouth County down in West Long Branch, NJ, and we're looking for a few good gamemasters.  Specifically, we've had an explosion in interest in Pathfinder lately, and we are looking for a few more DM's to take the pressure off our full tables.  We run campaigns on a monthly schedule, and you can our updated rotation over in our own forum that Vinny graciously contributed over here.  We could probably use a 4E DM or too, and the other, non D20 games usually have room for another player or two.  If board games are more your thing, we always have room for a couple more tables, although I can't guarantee any of the regulars will be free unless a GM had to cancel.

So drop me a line here, or on our Google+ page, or our Yahoo group, or even our Meetups page (thanks, Ben.)

Thanks, and we hope some of you come down and join us.
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