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Author Topic: Shall we play a game?  (Read 3174 times)

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Shall we play a game?
« on: August 12, 2005, 02:48:29 PM »

Only Minesweeper today though, Joshua.   I'm not up for Global Thermonuclear War. ;)

Hi there!

On behalf of the entire Double Exposure Electronic Gaming Staff, WELCOME!

This forum is dedicated to all things computer gaming related.  Got a clan or guild to pimp?  Feel free.  Got a hot tip, or need some advice, on how to perfect your headshots and rail gun usage?  We wanna hear about it.  Curious for an op-ed on a certain title?  Please, ask away. 

Otherwise, keep cool, keep clean, don't flame, NERF PALLYS!!!(WoW reference), and HAVE FUN!

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