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Author Topic: My Dexcon 21 Experience  (Read 856 times)

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My Dexcon 21 Experience
« on: July 08, 2018, 12:48:07 PM »

I'm Mike C, the party games guy. I have not formally attended DE events in a couple of years due to financial difficulties. I was at Metatopia and popped in at Dreamation for a day. My budget was tight bit I wanted to take part. Linda made me an offer I could not refuse. Show up Thursday and run any three games I choose. I said "Okay I'm there."

I show up Thursday morning. Some difficulty at check in - my name wasn't on the reservation. When I added the roommates, my name somehow got removed. They found it. My room was ready so I went up. The three games I was scheduled to run all went off with six players or more. They were Consensus, Moods and Smart Ass, with unique playing pieces. So far so good. I also participated in Bruce & Brendan's game show that night. A fun time. Now the bad news. My roommate did not show up. That increased my bill. Hopefully the other roommate would show up.

Friday I took part in some of the R&R games that were being demoed. I also ran Doodle Rush which was fun, even though it had one of the drawing blocks missing. A full capacity of six players. Then I went to play in Bruce & Brendan's two game shows, The $300 Pyramid and Ready, Set, Go. Almost got the top prize in Pyramid. My other roommate, David, arrived. Yea, I wasn't paying  for a room by myself anymore.

Saturday was an all-play day. No running games but playing them. Games included Go Cuckoo, Can't Stop (which I hadn't played in a long time), Word Slam and Ultimate Showdown. This brings me to about 7:15 pm. I couldn't afford another night in the hotel so I left Saturday evening. My roommate and I settled the bill for our room. My other roommate  stiffed me and never showed up. He never called or emailed me either. Guess what list he's on with me. I'm going to be eating a lot of peanut butter sandwiches for the next week. My budget is really tight now since I had to spend more that I expected.

I said goodbye to a few people but I had a FANTASTIC time. From the hotel staff to the DE staff, the Board Game Staff, the staff in the Staff Suite (and yes I sanitized), and all the familiar faces I had seen at past DE events. It was worth the effort and money. Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome. It was good to "come back home" to my gaming family. From my first DE event, the Spring Gathering in 2006 to today, where I'm now a GM and player, completely corrupted - and I LOVE IT.

If my budget allows it and the Good Lord willing, I will return. Take care and thanks for reading.

Mike C, the Party Games Guy.
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